About King Family Enterprise

The King Family Enterprise LLC was founded by Minister Jeffrey T. King, Sr. in 2012.
Minister King has over 20 years of experience counseling, teaching and mentoring Young Adults in the Philadelphia community. We understand the value of having a strong family with a common goal of improving the everyday life skills of the consumer.
This is an opportunity to not only impact the lives of an individual but gives us the satisfaction of making a difference.​ We understand that selecting a provider for your love one is a major decision. You can be at ease when you entrust us with the care of your family member.


The King Family’s mission is to provide support that is motivated by kindness and care for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We believe that every person has the right to live independently and safely in their home or in our residential setting; therefore, our mission is to provide the proper and direct services to achieve these goals. With our carefully picked staff, we intend to provide a family environment in our Adult Residence. We will welcome with open arms the chance to impact the lives of anyone with the need of our services for Home and Community Habilitation, Companionship and Employment Services.


Our Services


Home and Community Habilitation

We provide services that help to develop community integration and improve quality of life.Read More »

Adult Residence

We provide a home like atmosphere in a clean and safe environment.Read More »

Employment Services (assisted/supported)

We will assist with job finding, and job monitoring.   Our staff will identifyRead More »

Companion Services

Our staff will work with individuals in the privacy of their home or in the community.Read More »

Home Based Respite Care

There are times when you need to get some rest.  Our staff will come into your home to relieve you.Read More »


Simply contact us and one of our technicians will arrange to meet you onsite.